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Being conducted by RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) and RRC (Railway Recruitment Cells), Indian railway examinations are another most sought examination in the country preferred by youths targeting technical, ministerial, or paramedical departments. The Indian railways are believed to be the largest employment seeker, with a workforce of more than a million people and more joining the circle yearly. As such, pursuing a career in railways can be a lifetime opportunity.

As such, RPF stands for Railway Protection Force which itself is another big opportunity for the candidates. Under the Railway Security Section Act of 1957, it has been clearly stated that the Railway Protection Force (RPF) is a security unit which is under the control of the e Indian Railways, the Indian Ministry of Railways, & the Government of India. The officers selected and trained to be the RPF constable is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of passengers and railway property.

And when we talk about such once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, it asks for pure hard work, effort, and dedication. That’s where Power Mind Institute, the best coaching for RPF exam in Jaipur, comes to your aid, helping you meet the best-qualified experts in your field and getting personalized guidance and understanding of the core concepts to help you rise successfully. Join Power Mind Institute to make a successful strive towards your dream of Indian railways.

PET (Physical Efficiency Test) RPF Exam 2023 Eligibility Standards

After successfully completing the RPF CBT test, the candidates are then required to qualify the PET and PMT tests. These tests ensure your flexibility and capability as required for a person working in RPF force. Different from the CBT, here these tests are not assigned any marks.

The specific tasks may vary depending on the recruitment notification, but here is a general overview of the PET for the RPF exam 2023:

  • Running: Candidates must run an allocated distance in a certain amount of time. The distance and time limit may differ depending on the candidate's gender and the individual RPF recruitment notification. Male candidates are usually given a greater distance than female candidates. The time restriction is meant to assess the candidates' speed and stamina.
  • Long Jump: Candidates are evaluated on their ability to jump long distances. They need to jump for a certain distance from a standing position. The distance required for qualification may differ depending on the specific selection of the post.
  • High Jump: Candidates' high jump abilities are evaluated. They must jump from a stationary position to clear specific height. The height requirements may differ depending on the recruitment notice.
  • Other Activities: Depending on the individual needs, there may be extra physical challenges to measure the candidates' overall fitness and endurance. Rope climbing, shuttle running, and other similar workouts have been included in the schedules at one or other times.

Why is Power Mind Institute Coaching The Best Coaching For RPF  Exam In Jaipur?

Because at Power Mind Institute, we believe in incorporating the right mindset, moral standards, and perspective in our students, preparing them to keep learning and directing in their chosen careers for a bright future. That's what makes us one of the best coaching for RPF constable exam in Jaipur.

Some of our top facilities include:

  • Scientific teaching approach for more than 16 hours + daily scheduled dedicated learning.
  • Standard classes with revision sessions.
  • Test series (Routine test series, Weekend Test).
  • A Doubt counter; distinct (RRB Selected) lecturers for solving problems.
  • Completely updated study material based on the latest exam schedule across over 200 mock tests on each topic.
  • Both online and offline test series.

With expert education and guidance from our experienced faculty, we believe in incorporating the right mindset, moral standards, and perspective in our students, preparing them to keep learning and directing in their chosen careers for a bright future.

Join the best coaching for RPF constable exam in Jaipur today.



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