Best Bank SBI PO Coaching in Jaipur - After Introduction of NRA CET

With progress happening throughout our country and around the world, some new modifications are taking place in the education sector and government employment agencies in India. In light of these reforms, the government established the National Recruitment Agency (NRA). The agency's primary function is to organize NRA CET (National Recruitment Agency Common Eligibility Test) tests. Let's study more about these exams and how they might affect the Bank SBI PO exam in depth.

About SBI PO Exam

SBI PO exams, which stand for State Bank of India Probationary Officer exams, are tests arranged by the State Bank of India to hire Probationary Officers. These exams are like gateways for people who dream of having important roles in the banking sector, especially with the State Bank of India. If you pass, you go through training and take on responsibilities like managing bank operations, leading a team, and taking care of customer relations. The SBI PO exams usually check your skills in certain subjects, logical thinking, and your knowledge of banking and finance. Successfully clearing these exams opens the door to exciting career opportunities with the State Bank of India.

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Introduction to NRA CET

A brief of NRA CET Exam 2024 would include:

  • Three-year result eligibility for job opportunities in public and private sectors.
  • Exam available in 12 languages, with centers established in every district for convenient accessibility.
  • Serves as the gateway to SSC, IBPS, and RRB Tier-2 exams.
  • Conducted twice a year.
  • Open for 10th, 12th, and graduate aspirants.
  • Common paper design for RRB, SSC, and IBPS, simplifying the exam process.
  • Eliminates the risk of conflicting exam dates.
  • Balanced difficulty level crafted from a nationwide exam perspective.
  • Provides preparatory resources and a helpline for support.
  • Candidates have control over test scheduling and can specify their exam center preferences.


Clearing the Bank exam is not easy, and aspirants spend months preparing to increase their chances of success. Many educational institutes and online forums offer comprehensive course material and mock tests for the sincere help of the candidates. That's where the best CET coaching in Jaipur like Power Mind Institute can be helpful.


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Facilities available at Power Mind Institute

Unique facilities available at Power Mind Institute for your exclusive NRA CET preparation:

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  • Updated study material PMI publication compilation of toppers notes (English/Hindi: medium)
  • Previous years questions compilation with solutions segregated topic/subtopic wise and type wise
  • Class handouts/sheets
  • Topic tests in class
  • Daily test series (DTS) OMR biased with solution/doubt class by faculty
  • Weekly test series (OMR biased) solution by faculty after test.
  • Monthly current affairs magazine
  • Online test series portal with unlimited paper (topic wise, sectional and full mock test) with solutions
  • Online lecture for revision of topics 1 year validity after completing course.
  • Library facilities 24 hrs
  • Daily newspaper (TOI)
  • Extensive support till selection.
  • Interactive teaching approach for more than 16 hours + daily scheduled dedicated learning.
  • A Doubt counter; distinct lecturers for solving problems.
  • Both online and offline test series.
  • Regular monitoring of students and updates to parents through whatsapp, call or mail.
  • Excellent subject knowledge and competitive expertise from the finest teaching staff in the profession

How NRA CET Impacts Bank SBI PO Exam 2024?

The NRA CET aims to streamline the recruitment process for various government exams. With the Bank SBI PO being one of these exams, candidates will now face a common eligibility test, reducing the need to prepare separately for multiple exams. Candidates who clear the NRA CET will have the opportunity to apply for banking posts but also Group B and C posts not only through SSC but also through other recruiting bodies like IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) and RRB (Railway Recruitment Board). This broadens the scope of job opportunities for aspiring candidates.


It is both a time saving and cost effective opportunity for candidates. Instead of preparing separately for multiple exams and living under constant pressure, students can now opt for NRA CET exams, saving time and reducing the financial burden associated with multiple application fees and exam preparations.


After clearing NRA CET, you can directly appear for the Tier-2 exam for Bank SBI PO. This streamlining of the process allows candidates to progress smoothly to the next stage of the Bank SBI PO recruitment without the need for an additional qualifying exam. Since NRA CET covers a common syllabus and exam pattern for multiple recruiting agencies, candidates preparing for Bank SBI PO can benefit from a standardized approach. This may lead to a more focused and targeted preparation strategy.


The NRA CET is designed to be conducted at the district level to improve accessibility for candidates, especially those from remote areas. This ensures that a larger pool of talent has the opportunity to participate in the recruitment process. Join the best NRA CET Bank SBI PO coaching in Rajasthan and start with your preparations today.


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Going beyond the usual way of getting ready for exams, Power Mind Institute introduces an active approach to make sure you grow in all areas.

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  • Success from Every Angle: Success isn't just reaching a goal; it's a journey. Power Mind Institute gives you the best study materials, the latest notes, and a chance to learn from the best teachers. It creates the perfect environment for you to reach the success you dream about.


Start your journey to success with Power Mind Institute – the place for learning, growing in every way, and making a brighter future. Come be a part of the best NRA CET coaching center in Jaipur now and see the positive changes yourself.

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